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Why is Israeli education excellent?

For a long time, many parents in Taiwan require their children to learn a lot of talents, especially English, math, and physics, so as not to lose at the starting point. Education in Israel is just the opposite. Although it started late, the subsequent explosive power was completely over.

In the past two decades, I have often seen Taiwanese students at all levels win the International Olympia Math Competition or the International Invention Award. Some national university professors often boast of publishing many "excellent papers." "However, for more than 70 years, the country has been unable to cultivate Nobel Prize talents alone, nor has it seen that these winners can start-up and develop large-scale enterprises. On the contrary, Israel is the opposite.


Education in Israel


Education in Israel
Education in Israel

In the OECD's assessment of school children's learning ability, Israel lags far behind Taiwan. The latest survey shows that Israel's mathematics ranking is only 41 (Taiwan's fourth place), Israel's scientific ranking is only 41 (Taiwan's 13th), and Israel's reading ranking is 34 (Taiwan's seventh), not as good as Taiwan. However, facts speak louder than words. Israel is a new start-up country, with an average of 1,800 start-ups per capita. The number of engineers per capita is the largest globally, and the number of patent applications is also the largest in the world. In the past 20 years, 10 Nobel Prizes winners were born. It can be seen that the hour is gone and never returns, the big is not necessarily good; the hour is one hour, the big is not necessarily bad.

Someone once said that there are no Israelis in any experiments conducted by top American universities, such as Harvard University or MIT; there are no Israelis in the office in the Silicon Valley high-tech park. What kind of education or environment can enable Israel to cultivate so many Nobel Prize winners, top scholars, innovative entrepreneurs, and military strength? The reason is the excellent education in Israel. From kindergarten or elementary school, Israel has allowed children to grow up in an open and free environment, cultivated the ability to think and judge independently and have the courage to debate and challenge the truth. It mainly uses problem-based learning and uses field problems to stimulate students to find solutions. For example, if the desert is short of water, how to find water? They believe that the purpose of education is to allow children to engage in meaningful learning, explore themselves independently, and provide solutions to problems encountered in real life, rather than participating in international competitions and fighting for vanity. Before graduating from high school, they developed this learning habit, which can be used in military service, so their defense force can be invincible and become unstoppable. 

Israel Education encourages students to find their answers and develop their ability to think independently.


israeli education encourages students to find their own answers and develop their ability to think independently.
israeli education encourages students to find their own answers and develop their ability to think independently.

The compulsory education age in Israel ranges from 5 to 18 years old. After the age of 18, men and women served as soldiers. No one complained. Rather, it is considered an honor, a soldier. It is more important than going to college. On the streets or beaches of Israel, you can see young men and women carrying rifles at any time, a bit like cowboys in the pioneering period of the American West, with pistols hanging on their waists. However, no one has used the rifle without authorization. Female Israeli soldiers served for two years and joined the fighting force for three years. They don't care about the salary; they only care about contributing to the country. Everyone is the heroine of a hero.

The key lies in their spiritual education, such as the Israeli national anthem "Hope": "As long as the heart is deep, the Jews still have desires, looking at the eyes of the East, looking at Mount Zion. We have not lost two thousand years of hope: to make a free country; it stands on Mount Zion and Jerusalem. "The referendum decided that their national anthem does not have any party or party national thinking, so everyone likes to sing and is proud of it, especially when it comes to national celebrations and international competitions. When soldiers defend the country, they will sing the national anthem to express gratitude, encouragement, or condolences. This is often touching because they experienced the pain of the Nazi Holocaust in World War II, which made them cherish the country's existence and honor.

In contrast, our national anthem is the Kuomintang national anthem, which is puzzling. Li Mingjing, a professor in the Department of Sociology at National Taiwan University, sent a questionnaire to students in his "Sociology of Music" course, asking them: "What song do they want to permanently disappear from the earth." "Mature point" Li Mingzong believes that both songs are both propaganda songs full of political authority, so they are generally not liked by young people. They should be related to the students' gradual reflection on military martial law history and the desire for judicial reform in recent years.



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