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Major Israeli Universities to give the best education for students



Major Israeli Universities to give the best education for students
  Major Israeli Universities to give the best education for students


·         Hebrew University of Jerusalem built-in 1925, the creation of disciplines, including almost all academic fields from art history to zoology, and also owns the National Library of Israel. Since its inception, scientists at the Hebrew University have shown their talents in every stage of the national development of Israel. The Jewish Research Department of the school is already a leader in this field in the world.


The Weizmann Institute of Science was built in Rehovot in 1934. Its predecessor was the Siever Institute, which was expanded in 1949 and named after Dr, Haim Weizman, the first Israeli president, and famous chemist. Today, it has become a recognized research center for university graduates to further study in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and life sciences. The researchers of the institute participated in research projects aimed at accelerating the development of Israeli industry and establishing new science-based enterprises. The institute has a science teaching department, which is responsible for compiling teaching materials for colleges and universities.


Baylan University was built in Ramat Gan in 1955. It embodies unique, comprehensive teaching, that is, in many disciplines, especially in the social sciences, the intensive courses on Jewish heritage are combined with general education. Bayran University combines tradition with modern technology and has an Institute of medical chemistry, mathematics, economics, strategic research, developmental psychology, musicology, "Bible", "Tade", Jewish law.


Tel Aviv University was built in 1956. The university was established based on the merger of three existing higher education institutions, to satisfy the need to establish a university in Tel Aviv, the most densely populated area of ​​the State of Israel. At present, it has become the largest university in Israel, with multiple disciplines, and attaches great importance to the research of basic and applied sciences. The university also has a dedicated research institute, mainly engaged in strategic research, health care system management, technology forecasting, and energy research.


Haifa University was established in 1963 as the center of higher education in northern Israel. It provides opportunities for people to conduct interdisciplinary research. The university's interdepartmental centers, research institutes, and overall architectural plans are all established to facilitate interdisciplinary research. Haifa University has also established an institution to study socio-economic entities such as the kibbutz (collective farms). Also, there is a center dedicated to promoting understanding and cooperation between Israeli Jews and Arabs.


The Negev Ben-Gurion University was built in Beersheba in 1967. The purpose of the establishment is to serve the residents of southern Israel and promote social and scientific development in desert areas. The school has made significant contributions to scientific research in arid regions, and the school's medical school pioneered the community-oriented medical and health undertakings nationwide. The university's branch campus at the Said Boko Collective Farm has a research center dedicated to the history and political conditions of the life and era of the first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.


The Open University was established in 1974. The university emulates the British model. It provides unique non-traditional higher education opportunities for those who want to study for a bachelor's degree. The method is flexible. Homework, regular tutoring, and final exams are supplemented.






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