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The best place in Dubai for tourist and all the beaches

Dubai beach

Have the best time at the best public beach in Dubai. Spend unparalleled time at Dubai's public beaches, where you can swim and take pictures with your family. Here is our guide to the best beaches in Dubai.


Dubai's best tourist destination and all the beaches
Dubai's best tourist destination and all the beaches

 Sunset beach


 If you want to take a commemorative photo in front of Burj Al Arab, you can go to Sunset Beach, where there is a lively atmosphere. Go to the surf house on the Dubai waterfront to rent a skateboard or have a cup of coffee.


 GPR beach


 The beach is located across the pedestrian street of JBR. There are a series of cafes serving juices and delicious meals and shops, including the best quality brands. Don't miss Dubai inflatable water parks, water sports, banana rides, and other interesting activities.


 Kite beach


 This beach is an ideal destination for water sports, beach volleyball, or kayaking and kayaking. You will also find an outdoor trampoline and children's play area, making Kite Beach an ideal destination for families. After swimming, enjoy delicious food in many beach restaurants, such as Salt Cafe, to refresh yourself.


 No mirror


 "La Mer" beach includes various facilities such as wonderful restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, as well as outdoor trampoline parks. You can practice various water sports, including water skiing and kayaking, and after swimming on the north and south beaches, there are small colorful shower rooms.


 Black Palace Beach


 Located in Jumeirah's Al Sufouh area, this beach is famous for its calm waters and its location overlooking the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. Don't miss coming to this beach, away from the city's hustle and bustle, and spend an unparalleled quality time. The beach does not have many facilities, but it is still one of Dubai's best beach destinations!


 Mammal Beach Park


 Al Mamzar Park includes barbecue areas, green areas, beautiful lakes, enclosed beaches, and a good place for entertainment. You can also use one of the three swimming pools and even book a private air-conditioned beach room to test an exclusive experience. This is a beautiful and peaceful place, an unforgettable beach holiday.


 Mary Vista Club


 Restaurants near The Beach


 Wonderful beach atmosphere


 Don't miss the discovery of one of Dubai's newest water destinations on Palm Island. The Club Vista Mare complex includes seven restaurants offering international cuisine. Each restaurant has free access to the beach, where you can relax and enjoy delicious cuisine. Enjoy a good time on the beach at the "Aji" restaurant (serving Japanese and Peruvian dishes) and the famous Arabic restaurant "Ibn Al Bahr".

 One of the newest beach clubs in Dubai is the Azure Club at GBR Rixos Premium Hotel. The Azure Club provides guests with a relaxing time. The club's restaurant offers delicious and fresh Asian food such as "sich" and "sushi". Many spears are also waiting for children who can participate in entertainment activities such as art and crafts in special clubs. The Azure Beach Club is located near The Beach in the GPR area and has an excellent location.


 Seaview restaurant in Dubai


 Imagine a scene like this: the background is the sound of the crashing ocean waves, surrounded by the beach; you watch the waves while enjoying a delicious meal on the table. Here are the five best beach restaurants in Dubai.


 Enjoy your favorite seafood at Fish Beach Tavern.


 This newest beachfront restaurant offers delicious fresh fish, cooked with the best ingredients (some from Turkey), and served on the white sands. Enjoy local meals from the Aegean region while relaxing in the sound of rough waves; think of the magnificent sunset on the sea and the bright lights of Dubai Marina behind you. What items does the menu include? Minced perch, grilled squid, tiger prawns, the restaurant specializes in wild fish and cold-water fish extracted from the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Marmara Sea.


 Fish beach


 Visit the upscale waterfront "Getty Lounge" restaurant.

 This beachfront restaurant is the best because it is located on the waterfront, next to the inner marina (from there, regular ferries leave for "One & Only The Palm Dubai" next door). This restaurant offers an international menu, including light dishes and drinks, while relaxing on the comfortable sofa and listening to soft music. Choose a chair in a private tent on the beach and enjoy the sunset while immersing yourself in the delicacies of Middle Eastern Mesa, Mexican nachos, Asian barbecue, or European quiche.