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Traveling in Egypt, Most Valuable visiting place in Egypt

  Tourism in Egypt


Egypt is characterized by its mild climate, amazing tourism diversity, and ancient history. It has fallen off the characteristics of its bank, and its effects spread all over the country, making tourism in Egypt a novel experience. On the one hand, it provides tourists with data. , Impressive ancient history, so the opposite of entertainment.


Traveling in Egypt, Most Valuable visiting place in Egypt
Traveling in Egypt, Most Valuable visiting place in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt also attracts beach tourism and medical treatment and is one of the most cost-effective tourist countries globally. In terms of the number of tourism diversity, Egypt's tourism includes various forms, enabling the various tourist cities in Egypt to meet various types of tastes.


Therefore, if you are determined to travel and visit Egypt, here may be a short tour through which we get to know the easiest tourist places in Egypt, and you need to visit one of the minima.


 The most important tourist city in Egypt

The influence of Egypt and its tourist areas spread across its various branches, but there are about 7 cities that are the most important attraction and famous cities among tourists; due to its crowded dozens of archeological and tourist attractions, or because it is an attraction Strong and unique coastal nature, so in subsequent trips, we will briefly introduce Egypt's most important tourist cities and also the best tourist places in different cities in Egypt.


 Tourism in Cairo

Since it is the country's administrative capital for centuries, remote tourists often plan to travel to Egypt first. It naturally includes the number and distribution of Egyptian tourist areas to meet different tastes because Cairo is the most important thing in Egypt. One of the diversified tourist areas.


In Cairo, you may find religious tourist attractions, through mosques, churches, and non-secular museums such as Islamic and Coptic museums, recreational tours through parks, international shopping centers, traditional markets, art and film centers, and cruises the Nile, History tour through visiting various museums. Perhaps one of the most important tourist destinations in Cairo.



One of the most important landmarks in Cairo.

Egyptian museum

 The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square.

If you like to watch the consequences of the Egyptian Pharaoh's period to the natural world, away from the TV screens and content, here is the Egyptian Editing Museum. About 150,000 artifacts show the lives of the royal family and ancient pharaoh gods, as well as reflections on Greece and Rome. The cultural relics of civilization are divided into two different halls. The floors are for heavy cultural relics, such as coffins, murals, and huge statues, so the second floor is manuscripts, pictures, and small-sized statues.


Cairo Tower


Since 1961, the tallest building in Cairo has reached a height of about 187 meters. Inside the various famous lotus flowers, through the Cairo Tower and its fifteenth floor, you will enjoy Cairo's scenery and its various tourist attractions. As if you are in the heart of an appearance while taking great photos, then have lunch in the restaurant on the 14th floor, so there is a delicious hot or cold buffet in the cafeteria on the last floor.


Salah Din Ayubi Castle (Castle in the Mountain)


Egypt Tourism

Salah Din Reby Castle

For an exquisite tour in Cairo, don't miss a visit to Saladin Citadel, built during the Crusades in 1183 AD. The castle is located on a high mountain (Mokatam Mountain). It is characterized by its special location, which allows visitors to overlook the beautiful scenery of Cairo.


Citadel Hill has always played an important role in the political life of Egypt in several historical stages. Still, it plays an equally important role because it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt in general, and Cairo in particular. The most One of the popular historical sites, it is completely included in the organized tours to the Egyptian capital.


 Egyptian Theatre


If you are passionate about various types of artworks, the theater is a special destination during your travels in Egypt. If you like art, you will visit the Humanities Palace and, therefore, the attached library. Appreciate the art paintings of the most famous artists, and browse related plastic arts in the library attached to the exhibition. Still, if you are a believer in theatrical arts, then this is the Al-Manager theater, theater performance, and cultural evening party. In different small theaters, you will also enjoy music and lyrical performances and unique dances on the stage of the Grand Theater. As for whether your trip to Cairo is summer, you can enjoy open theater performances.


Religious tourism

Including visits to the Coptic Museum and Hanging Churches and famous mosques such as Hussein Mosque, Mohammed Ali Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque, Ibn Tulun, Saiyida Zainab Mosque, etc., to visit Cairo's popular science A landmark building of special civilization and Islamic civilization.



Cairo includes an oversized garden cluster, which is a special guise, in the vast green space, leisure tourism, entertainment and tranquility, therefore, the flow of fountains, aquariums and wonderful industrial sculptures, like Al-Azhar Park Research, Zamalek Fish Park, the international park of Nasr City, don't miss one at least during your tour. In Egypt.


Khan Khalili

Egypt Tourism

Khan Al-Khalily

One of the most famous and oldest markets in Egypt, and therefore the world, as it dates back six centuries, sells souvenirs and handicrafts, such as unique textile and leather products, copper, silver, and gold crafts, through small The affiliated store represents the authority of the traditional antique market.


shopping center

This is an unparalleled buying opportunity, the most famous local and international goods to meet various needs, in addition to covering entertainment, through game halls, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, providing eastern and western food and sweets, and some scenery The picturesque appearance, the hue of the picturesque lighting unit like a fountain dancing?


Perhaps the most famous is the City Star in Nasr City, with its two branches in Maadi and Nasr City, the Mall of Arabia near October 6, and the Cairo Festival City in New Cairo. For friends and family.


Click "The most important places for tourism in Cairo" to master the most famous other landmarks while traveling to Cairo.


 Giza Tourism

Giza is one of the strongholds of tourism in Egypt, so it has the closest relationship with the Pharaoh era. Most of its tourist attractions are closely related to the landmarks of the ancient pharaoh civilization. In addition to the zoo, among the many animals, the zoo can become the city. A characteristic point of leisure tourism has attracted people from all over the world.


Traveling in Egypt, Most Valuable visiting place in Egypt
Traveling in Egypt, Most Valuable visiting place in Egypt

The 3 most important landmarks in Giza.

 The three pyramids and the Sphinx.

 Egypt Tourism

The Pyramid of Khafre, and therefore the Sphinx.

The pyramids are the most important tourist attractions in Egypt because this is really attract people. You will be able to enjoy seeing the creativity of ancient Egyptian engineers and builders in the production of these three 40-century architectural masterpieces while taking photos with them and visiting the available royal tombs if you wish. You will tour the area on a horse or camel rental, buy special souvenirs for friends and family from the shops around the venue, and enjoy delicious dishes at nearby restaurants.


The pharaohs' ancestors designed and built beautiful sphinx statues with powerful genius; I believe it may be a shield to protect their royal tomb treasures from being stolen. Now it is a wonderful photo theme during the day and a shocking audio performance at night. Show off the splendor of the pharaohs. "


 Pyramid of Saqqara


It includes the tomb of King Djoser, the third king of the Pharaoh family, and is also called the Step Pyramid because it has six unique steps, just like the terraces above. Inside the Djoser Pyramid or Saqqara Pyramid, you will like to see the king's tomb's blue tiles and the famous pharaoh cats and hieroglyphic doors on the walls of the pyramid.


Pharaoh village


Pharaoh Village is one of the easiest tourist places in Egypt. In the process of voice explanation, you will see representative scenes, the life of a traditional Egyptian and his trees adding agriculture and papyrus industry, an outstanding view of Egypt in the era of the pharaohs. You will be able to visit museums and houses from the time of the pharaohs to the latest history of Egyptian rulers and events; you will also purchase heritage and archeological souvenirs from the market provided by the village and visit the children's play area for its enjoyable activities if it is It's your family trip.