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Popular Mosques in Egypt, Mosques in Egypt

  Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque


Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque
Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque


Its importance comes from the fact that it is one of the oldest mosque centers in Cairo. It has been created by the ruler Ahmed Ben Tulum at the end of the 9th century. It has preserved its original appearance until our time; this is also the largest mosque in Cairo.


Ibn Tulum Mosque is located on a high level. The famous minaret characterizes it. You can climb up and enjoy the fresh wind and see Old Cairo from above on the roof of its building.


The most likely time to visit the Ahmed Ibn Tulum Mosque: one hour.


Al-Azhar Mosque


Al-Azhar Mosque
Al-Azhar Mosque


The Al-Azhar Mosque or Al-Azhar Mosque is one of Cairo's most important religious features, not only on the level of worship and spirituality but also on the level of Islamic scientific research and the world level for more than a thousand years.


Also, the Al-Azhar Mosque for foreign tourists represents a rare architectural masterpiece through its three minarets dating back to the 14th-16th centuries and a spacious square dating back to ancient history.


The time to visit Al-Azhar Mosque is at most one hour.


Hussein Mosque


If you have just visited the Al-Azhar Mosque, you don't have to go far. After a few steps, Cairo's two most important and famous tourist attractions are here, namely the Hussein Mosque and Khan Khalili Street. This mosque enjoys a high level of sacredness and spirituality, especially among city dwellers. This is because it is believed that the head of Imam Hussein Bin Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, was buried in the mosque the following.


This ancient mosque can be traced back to the Fatima era's architecture, and its architectural design combines two styles and is very distinctive. The overall design comes from Gothic architecture, and the cylindrical spire and cone come from Ottoman architecture. This is the famous Harry.


In the evening, during Ramadan's holy month, the surrounding area of ​​the mosque becomes one of the best places in Cairo. The popular restaurants and cafes and their different atmosphere are considered by many to be a new special experience. You will not only experience it when traveling in Cairo.


Most likely time to visit Husheng Mosque one hour.


Moez Street


It is one of Cairo's best tourist attractions, dating back to Fatimid and even Mamluks, and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the late 1970s. Archaeological Street is one of Cairo's most important tourist places for lovers of Islamic monuments and their unique architectural design. Most of the architectural designs of this ancient street feature beautiful Fatima, Mamluk, and Ottoman Islamic architecture, which have been restored and preserved.


This street includes a large number of archaeological mosques, such as the Hakim Mosque, Sultan Karawin Mosque, Muyyad Mosque, Akmal Mosque, and several ancient schools, such as the Camille School, The Dahir School in Barsuk, and some important archaeological buildings such as Zuweila Keba, Bab Futch, etc. Between several quaint Cairo neighborhoods, such as Al-Fustat, Al-Hussein, Al-Dhahir, etc. Also, there are a large number of shops selling antiques, souvenirs, bronzes, gold, and other crafts. Visitors can buy any gifts that express the atmosphere of Egyptian culture. It is unique.


At night, Al-Moez Street is considered one of Cairo's best places, especially during Ramadan, because there are concerts and concerts these concerts, there will be a series of ancient Egyptian and traditional songs. The cultural hall in this street will also organize cultural evenings, the most famous of which is the Suhaimi House.


The most likely time to visit Moez Street: 3-6 hours


Muhammad Ali Mosque


Under its unique location, it is located on the building of Salahuddin Citadel. Its architectural style is similar to that of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. It has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Cairo. You can enjoy it here—wonderful views across Cairo and the pyramids of Egypt.


This mosque was built during the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha in the 19th century. Its outer courtyard is surrounded by gorgeous minerals, showing a striking silver color. Since it reaches 270 feet in height, it seems very clear from the inside. . Also, the square building in the mosque paved with white marble is also very gorgeous.


The most likely time to visit the Mohamed Ali Mosque: one hour.


Sultan Hassan Mosque


It is one of the most important tourist landmarks in Cairo. It has a majestic Islamic design, and its roots can be traced back to the time of the Mamluks, especially during the reign of the founder Sultan Hassan Mamluk in the 14th century.


In addition to the architectural design's beauty and luxury, the Sultan Hassan Mosque is also of special importance. From being listed as one of the largest mosques globally to becoming one of the most important forensic schools under the background of the four major schools in Egypt, it is often called Sultan Hassan School rather than a mosque.


Tickets for Sultan Hassan Mosque: £60 for people of other nationalities.

The most likely time to visit the Sultan Hassan Mosque: 1.5 hours.


Al-Bayt Mosque


They are the four famous mosques located in the old district of Cairo. Their names are the same as those named after the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. They include the Imam Hussein Mosque, Said Zainab Mosque, Said Nafisa Mosque, And Saidah Aisha Mosque. Apart from their spirituality and unique Islamic design, these four mosques are also very sacred to the residents.