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10 reasons why student go to Canada for study


Yes, this is right. Canada is the second-largest country in the globe, after Russia, as compared to the region. Canada is between the best in the world in terms of learning, independence, nature of life, and financial freedom. It is an extremely developed, capitalist nation.



Ten causes why student goes to Canada to learn
Ten causes why student goes to Canada to learn




 Canada has forever been one of the popular countries for studying outside. According to statistics, approximately one in five Chinese students travelling outside will like to study in Canada. What is the beauty of Canada will be supported by Chinese scholars for a large duration?


 Today, IEC will need you to investigate and analyze ten causes for liking to study in Canada!




01 Tolerance for immigrants




 Canada is a land ruled by immigrants. According to Statistics Canada, 21.9% of Canadian citizens are foreigners. It is 1 of the nations with the various ethnic and social difference in the society. In recent times, most foreigners have reached from Asia, so Chinese learners studying in Canada do not have to trouble about racial discrimination.




02 Low cost


 Matched with other popular study-abroad nations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, the cost-effectiveness of studying in Canada is approximately the highest.


 1 year to go to the United States and the United Kingdom, teaching and subsistence expenses are approximately 300,000 to 400,000 chines yuan. Because many schools are public universities, Canada will take government subsidies, and education is approximately cheap.


 Using Toronto as an example, the largest students pay about RMB 300,000 a year on education plus living; using Waterloo as an example, it takes about RMB 200,000 a year. If the town is more remote, the price is lower. So, in usual, the price of studying in Canada is comparable to about 1/2 to 2/3 of the British and American nations.




 03 top-level of learning


 The Canadian authority spends 7% of GDP in education investment and enjoys 12 years of required education in most counties. The balance of investment in learning is the highest in the world.


 It is also because the state attaches high value to learning investment. Canadians' learning level is the most powerful in the world, between which business and engineering are the most excellent. So learners who require to study these two majors want Canada!




04 Immigration policy opportunity



 For several British and American scholars, the local job market is strongly aggressive. It is a difficult test to get a job in the local city after graduation, let simply an overseas work visa. However, the position is changed in Canada. Before the IEC suggested that Canada is a land with many foreigners, the area is sparsely populated, and there is a critical lack of skills. Several great jobs and immigration chances.


 Most universities can give graduates a three-year job visa for Canadian institutions, which does not require to be compared to this significant; neither does it require to match earlier job experience. You can ask for Canadian immigration after one year of the job, which is unlikely in other nations! Because of certain loose conditions, several scholars study outside with the idea of ​​emigrating to Canada!




05 Kids attend local schools for free, followed by a spouse


 There is a saying that each Canadian student improving an international student is losing capital. If school-age kids are following, it is totally free to study in government schools in Canada! The bride can also work nearby; there is no necessity for the job; it is likely to work without it! In different words, if the foreign student to does part-time work, if the bride does full-time work, they can satisfy all the expenses of the house in the local city.



With such great advantages, don't you need to get a pause?




06 Close contact by the USA


 Because of Canada's free immigration system, learners can enter and move the United States openly after holding the local residency. The United States more highly understands Canada's educational qualifications, a necessary springboard for later change, or job in the United States.




07 Flexible application process


 Canada assumes the application method and spends more attention on the learners' skills. Students apply for college with six grades in grade 12. if the number does not match the standard, you can also add to your request through extracurricular exercises, job knowledge, volunteers, and different excellent performance Minute.


 Therefore, compared among the analysis, this application method more reflects the learners' complete understanding of people, and it is more comfortable to apply to the favourite colleges and universities.




08 funded internship program


 Students can apply for funded internships with regional organizations through school systems during the academy in Canada. Later accumulating helpful internship activity, it will be more favourable to students' integration by the community after graduation. It will have a large plus point for the profession and experienced immigration after graduation.




09 Chinese yuan scholarship


 The Canadian government is also elementary in granting scholarships. Usually talking, there will also be scholarships for graduate learners than for undergraduates. Basic kinds of scholarships are:



Scholarship :


 Depending on the learners' education, some can decrease or exempt education fees and also support the local living costs.





 Open to students with weaker financial strength, the application conditions are related to scholarships.



Free education or partial reduction:


 For tuition charges only, living expenses are not involved, and students with great grades can demand partial or full fee reduction.



Analysis of Assistant Gold/Teaching Assistant Gold:


 Students can help teachers in teaching and research while their studies, normally within 20 hours of a week to get rewarded.




10 Excellent atmosphere and fair country security



 Canada has less corruption, and the air condition ranks fourth in the world. There is no want to worry about pollution in Canada.


 Many popular visitor attractions in the world are more in Canada. For example, Niagara Falls, Lake Louise, and Columbia Icefield.


 In the duration of state security, Canada has strict gun control, and the crime rate in Canada for one year is equivalent to the amount of a month in the United States. And the institution has 24-hour safety, so parents can relax secured that their children come to study in Canada.




 The above are the ten causes of why the IEC has analyzed, why you should wish to study in Canada.




Ten reasons why student and economic freedom Canada for study Canada is among the best Canada is the second-largest countryfreedomIn terms of education quality of life

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